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AutoBraked Panel Trolley

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Our brand-new Auto-Brake Panel Trolley is designed to facilitate the safe movement of flat panels, such as plasterboards, glass panels, and other materials.

The panel trolley has a load capacity of 1000 kg, which can be safely secured with a high load rated strap tie, while it is in transit. It has a unique system of 6 control wheels and 2 stabilising wheels fixed to the undercarriage, along with a wheel alignment system that equally disperses the load across the wheels, dramatically reducing the risk of the trolley tipping.

The undercarriage wheel system also allows the operator to lock the centre wheels in a fixed forward and parallel position, thus removing any swivel action and reducing the “crab” effect of the trolley, when it encounters a slope.   However, when required the Trolley can be manoeuvred sideways for easy storage.

Metal and Modular’s panel transportation trolleys have been designed to enable the easy transportation of large panels, plasterboard, glass, windows and doors, chipboard, MDF boards, flatpack furniture, vehicle windscreens, and many others. The flexible design of the trolley means that goods can be transported upright with minimum effort.

Like all trolleys designed and manufactured by Metal and Modular, the panel trolley benefits from the unique design of Blickle’s all-terrain wheels, which support a load capacity of up to 1500kg.

The trolleys are also fitted with a deadman’s, brake where both brake levers must be depressed in order to move the unit. This ensures that movement of the trolley is a safe, two-man operation. If you’re looking for a trolley that will allow you to transport, flat panels safely, then this is the perfect one for you.

We now also supply toe guards and wiper blades as standard.

Feature Size/Detail
Dimensions L1540mm W630mm H1325mm
Weight 140kg
Load Capacity 1000kg
Colour Orange RAL 2004
Finished Coating Powder Coated Ripple
Material Steel
Material Thickness 2mm/3mm steel
Total No Wheels 8