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AutoBraked Load Trolley

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Our load trolleys have been designed to comply with BS EN 1757-3:2002 for the safe movement of products, components, and materials on any construction site. Weighing a mere 140kg, they have a remarkable load capacity of up to 2000kg, making it ideal for the vast majority of onsite transportation jobs.

Our unique auto-braked system (or deadman’s brakes) with “brakes applied and ON” means both brake levers must be depressed in order to move the unit, which ensures that the movement of the trolley is a safe, two-man operation. Put simply, if you want a mobile, safe and easy to use load trolley, then this is the one for you.

We now also supply toe guards as standard.

Feature Size/Detail
Dimensions L1610mm W1000mm H1060mm
Weight 140kg
Load Capacity 2000kg
Colour Orange RAL 2004
Finished Coating Ripple
Material Steel