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AutoBraked Ductwork Rack

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The AutoBraked Ductwork Rack is designed to comply with BS EN 1757-3:2002 in order to enable the safe movement & storage of ductwork tubing while it is being transported or stored on site. The rack works on the principle of “brakes applied and ON” when stationary, offering a safe and secure storage space for ductwork tubing before installation on site. Two brake lever handles on either side of the rack must be depressed by the two operators before the rack can be moved, ensuring that your workers have to maintain the best onsite safety practices.

The autobraked ductwork rack includes a simple cover all system that easily allows for the covering of the ductwork whilst being stored. The system aids the contractors in following the guidelines set out in the protection delivery and installation standards for maintaining the internal cleanliness of new ductwork prior to commissioning and or handover (set out in the HVCA document TR/19).

The autobraked ductwork rack has an adjustable two tier storage facility allowing for the storage of up to 750kg of weight of ductwork tubing.

We now also supply toe guards as standard.

Feature Size/Detail
Dimensions L1820mm W1140mm H1930mm
Weight 105kg
Load Capacity 750kg
Colour Orange RAL 2004
Finished Coating Powder Coated Ripple Finish
Material 2mm & 3mm Steel